I am constantly trying to overcome my sar-chasm and navigate my way through this crazy wonderful journey.

I am in love with my Lord and am constantly waiting to see how he'll surprise me next.

I'm working toward becoming a journalist someday soon.

I like words, fashion and girls like Natalie Portman and Emma Watson.

That is all.


Today, Frances MacLoed brings us to beautiful Tennessee. Here’s what she says about it:

“The state of Tennessee encompasses quite a few notable cities, but I decided to focus on the beautiful landscape of the Great Smoky Mountains. Growing up, our road trips often lead us through Tennessee, and for a small girl from the great plains of Kansas, the hills and mountains were cause for awe and car sickness.”

Being a geek is all about your own personal level of enthusiasm, not how your level of enthusiasm measures up to others. If you like something so much that a casual mention of it makes your whole being light up like a halogen lamp, if hearing a stranger fondly mention your favorite book or game is instant grounds for friendship, if you have ever found yourself bouncing out of your chair because something you learned blew your mind so hard that you physically could not contain yourself — you are a geek

The Mary Sue defines what it means to be a geek, a beautiful definition that falls (un)surprisingly close to what it means to find purpose and do what you love.

( It’s Okay To Be Smart)

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Since reading criticism of KONY 2012 (which is what I just deleted), watching the movie and doing some research of my own, I now understand more of what Invisible Children is all about.

It’s about advocacy.

It’s about making a madman’s name so well known he can no longer slip under the radar.

It’s not about sending aid.

It’s not about white men saving the black ones.

If like me you tend to be skeptical (I am training to be a journalist after all), you can read more in this interview about what Invisible Children is all about.

I’ve decided to just be thankful that someone is trying to do something about evil in this world instead of tearing them down. You can too. 


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“By the flames of Bahamut, Moody, ask that question again and I will strap your skinny ass on top of the rocket myself.”

Oh Chris Moody.


You Are The Mapmaker is an interesting (& free) book/PDF Download by @BernadetteJiwa featuring a variety of creative business stories to inspire from the likes of David Airey and Jessica Hische… via effektiveblog

It may very well be true that another person is succeeding and you are not experiencing success, but one has nothing to do with the other. There’s not a limited amount of success going around. In what world does it make sense that if I am funny, you are not funny? NO WORLD. We need to believe in, encourage, support, and massage each other’s egos. I believe in you. I believe in what you’re doing. Please keep doing it, and maybe do a little of it near me.
Elissa Bassist, “How to Write Like a Funny Woman” on The Rumpus (via sarahspy)